Learn and Practice at Your Neighborhood Studio

A bright and peaceful place
to learn about body-mind balance,
to breathe ~ and practice coordinated movement,
to prevent and recover from injury,
and to experience a safe, yet challenging workout,
so you can take good care of your unique body
and live your one life
to its fullest physical expression,
with “spontaneous zest and pleasure!”*

You are invited to come and be part of our
Mill Valley/Tamalpais Junction studio community!

The first step towards change is considering the possibility!
At Poplar Street Studio, we know this in our bones.
Change requires seeing and sensing things differently–a shift in consciousness.
Come and learn skill-sets to develop a new relationship with your body.
Practice ways to move ~and think~ differently,
ways that transform minds, bodies, and hearts,
ways that support optimal movement for life and living.

*Quote from Return to Life by Joseph H. Pilates