Bodies Mind®Studio

A Somatic Movement Approach to Pilates

Bodies Mind® Studio, on Poplar Street in Mill Valley’s Tam Junction, is a spacious, peaceful, and light-filled pilates and somatic movement studio. It is equipped with a full range of pilates apparatus, as well as an assortment of various props, to assist you in your increasing body-mind awareness and physical skill sets. The practice is dedicated to the development and enhancement of awareness, movement, exercise, and expression towards a healthy lifestyle. It attracts a wonderful, like-minded community of people committed to body-mind balance, as well as excellence in movement/exercise education and performance.

Carole Amend is honored to be your teacher. She has served clients from all over the Bay Area and beyond, since 1992. It is with a joyful heart that Carole invites you to come and see what “that studio on the corner” is all about.


At Bodies Mind, you are assisted in your process of reaching your full physical potential, towards uniform physical development, optimum physical and mental balance, and a healthy lifestyle.

Our focus is on educating you towards experiencing benefits to your:

  • movement awareness
  • physical development
  • posture
  • equilibrioception
  • body-mind balance
  • energy reserves
  • daily and other activities

Learning how to restore your natural movement patterns contributes to these common outcomes:

  • body-mind physical conditioning
  • chronic pain relief
  • injury prevention and recovery
  • performance excellence

Through the sessions, classes, workshops, and special events offered, Carole aims to diligently serve the minds, bodies, hearts, and lives of her clients, as well as her professional students. The community atmosphere at Bodies Mind makes the process affordable, interesting, understandable, challenging, and fun.

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