About Our Unique Open Studio Format

PSS offers a unique Open Studio system, where our customers advance their movement and exercises practices to autonomy.

Today, this is a rarity in the field of pilates. It’s “pilates practice” ~ how it used to be ~ following the operational structure of Joseph Pilates’ original studio, and the studio of his protégé Carola Trier (where Carole first began practicing pilates, over 30 years ago). As taught by Joe and Carola, each pilates apparatus is part of a system, and the system is individualized for each client based on his/her needs, goals, and desires. So, while clients practice together in the studio, their programs are distinct. This encouraging environment provides an opportunity for clients to witness their progress, and to be inspired to meet the challenge to further advance their practices.

Over the past two decades, the commitment to this way of teaching and learning has produced evolved cueing techniques that are now passed on to participants in our signature Pilates by AIM Mat classes.

Your Commitment is Rewarded

Privates, Practice, and Open Studio sessions are offered (by appointment), as well as Classes (small group)/Workshops and Events. Begin by scheduling Private sessions or participating in classes and/or workshops. Then, explore the option to progress to Practice sessions, and finally, Open Studio sessions. You are supported and encouraged every step of the way.

You’ll learn all you need to know to be independent and self-motivated…then you’ll be inspired to deepen your experience even more! The real fun begins as you take charge of your practice. As you progress, the cost of sessions decreases, which is a great incentive to give it your all!

Own your practice and Poplar Street Studio will feel like your own studio.