SESSIONS (Apparatus, Mat, and more)


The Bodies Mind® signature orientation to defining, developing, and deepening your personal movement practice. More of a conversation than an assessment, in this session, you’ll introduce yourself, your movement history, and your interest in PSS and its services, and hear what PSS has to offer. You will experience the work on the mat and the apparatus to support and enhance your unique movement and exercise practice and you’ll understand and feel what distinguishes pilates from other disciplines. Whatever path you choose for your body-mind practice, at PSS or elsewhere, this session will definitely shift your perspective on what pilates and general movement practice is all about and what it can do for your health and happiness!


One-on-one pilates and general movement sessions focusing on body-mind balance and uniform physical development and correction, as well as training for excellence in performance. Experience top quality movement/exercise education to progress to your fullest physical potential.


Up to three clients per hour. Practice-level proficiency enables the participant to progress towards independent practice. Clients move at their own pace and program, a continuation of the individualized attention of private sessions, with the benefits of the teacher’s eye and guidance and the opportunity to observe fellow clients at different stages of practice.

ROUTES to Practice-level are:
1) Prior experience
2) Private Sessions
3) Intro to Practice Workshop (by demand—for those who qualify)


For the seasoned, committed practitioner. Full use of the studio during hours of operation, space permitting. At least one private session per month is included. Clients are are encouraged to self-motivate towards mastery, and supervised for safety.




Pilates Mat is a practice…patience, persistence, and proper progression
lead to a tremendous sense of accomplishment and vitality!
~ Carole Amend

This is the ultimate practice for building a sound mind in a sound body, towards the goal of increased spontaneous zest and pleasure in all your daily activities. This class is intended for novice and experienced movers (bar any acute ailments) alike.

Pilates exercises are designed to build your body uniformly no matter what your present condition. You will move at your own pace and experience level, and be encouraged to advance your physical and mental skill sets. You will learn the essential repertoire for building your Contrology practice, and be challenged towards the dynamic excellence appropriate for your body, in a supportive and motivating environment!

WHAT we do:
The repertoire consists of movement explorations designed to progress towards full-out execution of the 34 exercises outlined in the book, Return to Life Through Contrology, by Joseph H. Pilates.

HOW it’s done:
Decades of research, study, and practice have gone into the development of the Amend Integrative Model (AIM), designed to serves as the basis of the integrative, simple yet profound, dynamic alignment cues used in Carole’s MAT classes, to ensure that your pilates practice is optimally safe, efficient, and successful.

Come join us!