“Ten years ago I was crippled from an injury that had been diagnosed as Stage 3 spondylolisthesis, (slippage of the vertebrae resulting in constant impingement on the nerves).  After seeing five (5) different orthopedic surgeons and a neurosurgeon, all came to the same conclusion: Only a back fusion operation would help.
Having been a believer in alternative healing from the 1970’s, I knew there had to be a better way and was committed to exploring other options.  Thankfully, Carole Amend crossed my path and her pilates instruction changed my life dramatically!
Carole is not only knowledgeable but extremely intuitive when it comes to body and mind mechanics and how muscles and bones work together.  She literally brought me back from the depths of despair.  I had been in constant and unbearable pain for months, barely able to walk.
I’ve been religious about my daily plates practice and on occasion, if my pain starts to resurface, a session with Carole gets me back on track.  I’ve seen many ‘body workers’ over the last 40 years and there is no one that knows body movement better.  At 70, I’m able to enjoy hiking, biking, golf and a normal active life.
Thank you, Carole, you are absolutely amazing and I’ll be forever grateful.”
David Scheufler, age 70

“I feel that the work I do at Carole’s studio is not only exhilarating but is preventative care for my body. I’m grateful that I can take advantage of Carole’s expertise and knowledge. I would encourage others to do so.”
-Patricia Pigman, Retired Teacher

“I have worked with Carole for 20 years. Over that time her work has evolved into a very precise system of articulating movement and the essential structure of the body. She has a thorough knowledge and deep understanding of the work of Pilates, but can bring her direction to any movement form. It is all based on the client’s needs and movement practice and individual body, and learning! Always, I come away with new things to think about and work with in my body, and I feel renewed, energized and creative.”
-Kathy Warinner, Graphic designer/artist

“Love and Respect
Just as I know that love and respect are the cornerstones of a fulfilling personal relationship, thanks to Carole, I know they are at the heart of a healthy relationship with my body.
I know that loving and respecting the body means developing the connection between it, and the mind, and the spirit. It means filling it with good fuel, and moving it often, with purpose, and with grace.
Just as I would never expect perfection in myself, or my mate, I no longer find my body a source of dissatisfaction. It is what it is. I can make it better, more pain free, more attractive. I can expect it to do things I love doing for decades to come: hiking in the hills, dancing, finding my ‘anchors and endpoints.’ I can grow old gracefully with it. Thank you, Carole, for teaching me these things.”
-Christina Carella Waldeck, Mill Valley

“I was a 43 year old male suffering from horrible lower back pain. Simple movements like getting in and out of my car and crossing my leg over my thigh to put my socks on proved to be miserably painful. The MD recommended core strengthening with a physical therapist. My neighbor said she new the perfect solution for me…..pilates with Carole. I didn’t hesitate to take my neighbor’s advice, although pilates was completely foreign to me. I was in the studio with Carole a few days later. That was two and a half years ago. To say the quality of my life has improved dramatically would be a gross understatement. I stand taller – nearly an inch, yes true – sit straighter, bend easier and move all around with much greater ease than I have in decades. Needless to say, my self awareness is sharper than ever too. Carole never ceases to amaze me. Her knowledge of how the body works and moves, and her ability to recognize how my body works and moves, and what my body needs, is extremely impressive. The pilates experience with Carole has been tremendously rewarding for both my body and my mind. I truly wish I could dedicate more time in the studio with Carole as there is so much to learn, and so many exercises to do, to make one’s self feel better. Carole has made a huge difference in my life. She’s a true professional and a great person!”
-Bill W.

“Carole has an unerring eye.”
-Shira Barnett, Psychoanalyst

“After 10 private sessions Carole had rehabilitated my injured neck and arm and in effect, my outlook on my life. I continued for six more years and reaped additional benefits. I will always be grateful to her.”
-Norman Scheiner, Retired Professional

“I’ve never, ever been someone who enjoyed going to the gym or working out. It was back pain–due to a shorter leg–that finally drove me to find Carole. And over the past several months, I’ve developed a completely different relationship with my body. I better understand what movements are right for me. How to walk, sit and move in ways that are beneficial. I no longer have to push myself to exercise–I just want to move. And I feel better than ever.”-
-San Francisco Marketing Professional, age 34