The resources below are suggestions on how to further enrich and expand your movement practice using other modalities, as well as exploring more expressive realms.

PRODUCT Suggestions

*Mat Options:
Airex Fitline Mat (23″ x 56″ x 3/8″): Healthykin (I recommend that you also add a yoga mat underneath)
Airex Coronella (23″ x 72″ x 5/8″): HealthyKin
(available at 360 Fitness Superstore in San Rafael)

* Perform Better Wobble Board

* Perfect Pullup® Bar

* M.E.L.T. Hand & Foot

* Gertie Balls

* Nia Techinique
* Zumba
* Dance
* Yoga
* Weight training
* Feldenkrais

There are so many options for excellent bodywork in Marin County. Poplar Street Studio is part of a community of cooperative, like-minded practitioners. We are happy to consult with our clients about these services.

* The Anatomy Coloring Book by Kapit and Elson,
* Anatomy of the Moving Body by Theodore Dimon, Jr., 2001
* The BODY in MOTION, Its evolution and Design by Theodore Dimon, Jr., 2011

Your Health by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, 1934
* Return to Life Through Contrology by Joseph H. Pilates, 1945
* The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning by Phillip Friedman and Gail Eisen, 1980
* The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler, 2000

Somatic Movement Practice
* Aligned, Relaxed, and Resilient by Will Johnson, 2000
* Discovering the Body’s Wisdom by Mirka Knaster, 1990
* Bone, Breath, & Gesture, Practices of Embodiment Don Hanlon Johnson, editor, 1995
* The Eye of Revelation: The Ancient Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation by Peter Kelder, 2008

New Thought
* You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, 1984