CAROLE AMEND Somatic Movement Educator

Carole is a Juilliard Dance Division graduate working as a pilates & general movement specialist, body-mind teacher, and cross-disciplinary communicator.

Carole’s goal is to help her clients understand how the body-mind works in relation to human movement and awareness, to release tension, to gain strength, and to become self-sufficient in order to reach their physical goals. Well-versed in hands-on techniques, she uses that knowledge to assist clients in performing the repertoire safely and efficiently, progressing clients to full understanding of her professional credo,
“The best bodywork is your own balanced, dynamic movement.” Carole encourages her clients to explore other forms of movement and bodywork to benefit their practice; in her experience, clients who practice pilates are uniquely able to reap full benefit from the services of the professionals in her cooperative network and beyond. She is wholeheartedly committed to you and your physical and mental conditioning process through pilates and general movement, and wishes you health, happiness, and life fulfillment!

Carole’s first exposure to pilates was in 1981, when Martha Hill, Juilliard Dance Division director, sent her to Carola Trier.* T
he knee pain she was experiencing subsided within a few months, and her immediate goal was met. That was the start of also understanding the intermittent, sometimes excruciating, back pain she experienced, and what marked just the beginning of Carole’s pilates journey.

Carole continued study with Carola for several years, graduated from Juilliard, became an apprentice with Jennifer Muller/The Works, and first began work as a personal trainer, always knowing she wanted to teach pilates someday. After five years of practicing pilates, she apprenticed under Brenda Anderson and Mary Kasakove, longtime teachers at Carola’s studio. She continued dancing until she became a mother, continued to assist Brenda and Mary, studied the Trager Approach®, and, in 1992, she moved to the West Coast and opened her own studio, CA Bodyworks/Pilates Fitness Plus, at the Marin Ballet in San Rafael. In 1995, she moved her studio to Mill Valley, renamed it Bodies Mind® Studio and, for over eight years, operated at a capacity of 125 client-hours per week, assisted by her apprentices.

In 2002, she moved the studio to work more privately, where she was able to hone her intuitive skills teaching an increasing number of clients with pain and movement difficulties. Further study, self-education, and explorations with clients and colleagues led her to innovate her unique pedagogy for movement theory and practice (beginning with the Amend Integrative Model (AIM), and culminating in the Bodies Mind® Program of Study™, BMPS). AIM simplifies, demystifies, and extols the virtues of not only the Pilates Method…it is a way to analyze all human movement. Through committed and skillful application of the BMPS curriculum, both clients and movement professionals from all disciplines learn and feel the essence and profundity of what pilates can truly offer. In February 2012, Carole reorganized the studio and gave it its new name, Poplar Street Studio, a Bodies Mind® Studio (PSS), implementing programs to support options for the novice as well as for seasoned practitioners.

Furthering her mission to preserve the principles and evolve the practice of Contrology** and to define and create excellence in the realm of general movement, PSS offers clients a welcoming space to connect to their physicality and to a community of individuals committed to self-care and expanded consciousness.

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